Gameplay summary

Peppino's Moves

(One of Peppino's Super Taunts)

Peppino has many moves he can do to gain momentum, attack, or just overall get back up on your feet after being knocked back. Peppino can do what is called a Mach Run. Mach Running is the main way to get around levels. Peppino will start at build up, then mach one, mach two, and finally mach three. When running at mach two or three, you can press and hold the up arrow key, this will charge what's known as the Super Jump. The Super Jump will launch Peppino upwards at a constant rate until either one of two things happen. Peppino hits the ceiling, causing him to fall back down, or the player does a shoulder bash that sends Peppino towards the direction that player directed him to go. Another important move to know, is the Body Slam/Dive drop. The purpose of this move is to either crush enemies below Peppino, or hit a ledge that's angled downwards to get momentum. Peppino can do a Taunt, this is when Peppino strikes a dance move that is randomized out of all possible Taunt animations, the Taunt also serves as a counter attack method that can counter just about anything. A Super Taunt can dispatch all enemies visible on screen. To get a Super Taunt you have to defeat ten enemies in a single combo.

(Peppino's idle animation during the Pizza Time count down. Peppino Mach running at Mach 2)

Levels and how they work

(Peppino grabbing the shotgun and firing it. Seen in levels, Don't Make A Sound, WAR, & The Crumbling Tower of Pizza)

Making your way through the level you might find somethings. You can commonly find pizza toppings (10 points each) and big pizza toppings (100 points each. Neither are to be confused with Toppins). You can also come across what seems to be an eye, this is great! You found the entrance to a secret sub-level. You can aquire more points by completing them. Their are three secrets per level. You can come across Toppins, the five caged sentient ingredients, each granting 1000 points each. But, you can come across the Janitor who has a key to the door containing the tower secret treasure of that level (Worth 3000 points). When you reach the end of a level, you knock down someone known as John Pillar. This will set of the Pizza Time event, you then have to run all the way back to the entrance to escape, or you can do lap 2 by entering the pizza portal. Lap 2 is a mechanic that sends the player back to where John Pillar was knocked down, they then have to run all the way back to the entrance then escape. Lap 2 is worth 3000 points and are given as soon as the new lap starts. During Pizza time, clocks and bells appear. They are similar to toppings and big toppings, giving ten and 100 points each, but they appear only during PIzza Time and also keep the player's combo meter up. If the Pizza Time clock runs out, Pizzaface will appear and chase the player. Pizzaface can move through any surface as to chase the player until he has caught them.

(Peppino's walking and idle animation when the player has a combo of 50 or higher)

Boss Battles

Peppino will enter the boss gate on that floor. Their are five bosses in total. Pepperman, The Vigilante, The Noise, Fake Peppino, and Pizzaface/Pizzahead. Each boss works the same for the ranking system, the amount of damage you take, the worse your rank gets. When their's an opening for Peppino to attack, the boss will glow white. That's when they're ready to be attacked by Peppino. Dash into the boss to deal damage to the boss. Some bosses have their own special twist to them to make them more challenging.

(Revolver Peppino in The Vigilante boss fight)

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