My favorite game: Pizza Tower

(Warning! This article contains spoilers!)

(Peppino's idle animation normally)

Pizza Tower is a 2D action platformer game released in early 2023 made by Tour de Pizza. Pizza Tower is extremely fast paced and each level is unique in its own way. After knocking down John Pillar an event known as "Pizza time" will start. Pizza time has a timer that will not stop counting down, you then have to speed all the way back to the entrance to the level, if you don't make it in time Pizzaface will appear and chase you through the level and won't stop until he either catches you or you escape through the entrance. You play as Peppino, an Italian chef trying to save his pizzaria from Pizzaface. He is an evil floating pizza with a face and has bad intentions for Peppino.

(Pizzaface chasing Peppino)

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Pizza Tower trailer