Door Not Opening?.

Have you ever come across a door and you don't know how to open it. Well if you have then you're in luck. I have a lot of experience of opening doors, my name is Bennett C. I'm about to pump you so full of knowledge of opening doors it's not even funny. The first step you need to open a door is you need a hand. If you don't have one then go get one or find a friend. If you don't know what a hand is then there are a couple of reasons why, but it's the thing at the end of your arm with five more things at the end of it. If you have one then good you're in luck. KEEP THE HAND!!! You'll need it. The second step you will need to locate the handle. There are many different handles long, short, round, and a button. If it dose not have a handle then you have found a wall go find a door and come back. The last but not least step it is push/pull. But before you do that turn the handle until you cant and hold it there for the last step. So for the last step you need to either push or pull depending on what door. With no problems you have finaly open the door go teach a friend.

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