Secret Places and Things for Skyrim

Well, here are some things about your character and map that you might not have known about. There are some secret things about the characters. Did you know there was originally going to be one more race. Some secrets about the map such as secret events and event locations. There is also a secret dragon and unmarked dragon nests.

In this paragraph, you will learn about the unadded race. The Falmer race or Snow Elves were the original elvan race untill they added nords or humans. the nord defeted the Falmer and displaced them causing them to make other elvin races. The remaining Falmer had evolved into monster normaly found in deep and snow caves. they are hard to fight and kill because they are the original and strongest race.

This paragraph will teach you about the halloween evant. Around halloween every year skyrim has a secret event village only acseible by luck or the way the way your suppost to. the way its intended is by following a secret trail ran by another secret. the headlesa hourse man will ride the path and if you follow him he will lead you to the secret village. the village is old brocken down and looks like its on fire from a distance.

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