Monster Check Out Station!

Welcome to checkout. Oh, you chose a monster? It is adorable. Now, are you ready to checkout. This is the area to sign the paperwork and finally having this adorable creature to yourself. I hope you have had the best Monster Mash adoption experience.

Oh well hello! have you selected a monster? Oh you choose (insert monster name here) AMAZING choice your gonna have fun with them just make sure you have the proper supplies

Okay! so i just have some papers for oyu to fill out ans sign to make sure your a safe home for the monster and so that you cant just give them back after 2 days saying you dont want it

Okay so there is no price at this adoption agency but we do not cover metro vists which are doctor vistrs or food
expensivesor supplies thats all up to you okay so please make sure your monster is having good living conditions.