Monster Mash Welcome Sign.

Welcome to my website. This is a monster adoption center, where you can click around and figure out what happens. We have a large selection to choose from. Our store is a click around store where you will see monsters that you will figuratively leave with. So to begin the fun enter the monster room and choose a fun little friend. .

"Oh hello! This is a unexpected guest we just got a new supply of monsters for adoption! we have spooky and scary cute and cuddley and even some inbetweens which could leave you feeling a little uneasy but are still needing love!

"Now would you want some help? i can walk you back im really good at it! since it is my job and all that. Well lets head back to the monster and help you with finding your new best friend!"

LOOK HOW SCARY THIS IS OMG NIGHTMARE (be careful! also takes a second to load be patience)!!!