Different Corn Types.

Different Amazing Corn There are at least six known classifications or varieties of corn. Flint corn gets its name from the corn kernels’ extra-hard outer shells. Its cobs come in a wide range of colors, with each kernel having different pigmentations. Popcorn kernels have hard outer shells that hold soft starches inside. flour corn Flour corn has soft-shelled, starchy kernels, which make it the best choice for making corn flour. Most flour corn is white, but you can grow it in other colors, such as blue. Sweet corn is the type of corn that you eat on the cob, or you can freeze or can it for future consumption. Standard (SU) corn seeds produce the oldest type of sweet corn. It contains more sugar and less starch than field corn. This type of sweet corn can retain sweetness even after around three days since its harvest as long as you store them properly in the fridge. Multi-colored SE corn is sweetest when the pigmentation intensifies on the kernels Super sweet (SH2) corn has up to 10 times more sugar content than SU corn. Synergistic (SY) Synergistic corn varieties are combinations of SU, SE, and SH2 corns in different amounts.

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