QUIRKS *-* :-).

Bakugo and Deku's quirks.

Bakugo's quirk is explosion, it is formed by his mom and dad's quirk's combining Mistuki's quirk is Glycerin and Masaru's quirk is Acid Sweat but when they combine they make explosions, so that's why Bakugo's quirk is explosions. Deku was born quirkless, Inko's quirk is Object attraction she can pull small object to her, Hisashi's quirk is fire breathing, even though both of his parents had a quirk he was born quirkless, but one day he met Allmight and allmight told him he couldn't be a hero but he proved Allmight wrong so Allmight had deku eat a piece of his hair to pass him his quirks that's how he has all seven of his quirks