Bakugo and Deku's Hero Costumes

This is How Bakugo and Deku's Costumes Were Made

Bakugo's hero costume is made out of a special material because of his quirk he has a mix of two quirks his quirk is explosion because of his dads quirk his dads quirk is acid sweat and his moms quirk is a glycerine quirk which creates the explosion quirk and his costume has to be fire and heat resistant so that his costume doesn't catch on fire, the thing is he is amune to his on explosions!

Deku has 7 quirks so his hero costume is designed to help control his quirk he has 7 quirks, One For All, Transmission,Fa Jin, Danger sense, Black whip, Smokescreen, and Float. One for all is the Strongest and hardest to control for Deku so his hero costume help contain and control his quirks and his hero suit is fire resistant to help on certain missions.

These are some photos to show how their quirks work like i said Bakugo's quirk is Explosion because of his parents quirks, Deku's quirk is one for all,Transmission,Fa Jin,Danger sense,Black whip,Smoke screen,and Float.