How to Make the Perfect Sandwich.

Need to know how to make the perfect sandwich? Well, just follow these easy steps and it's going to leave you with a great taste.

Step 1 : Is to toast the bread.

Step 2 : Just get some mayo, ham, lettuce, 2 slices of tomato (it's optional to have tomatoes in it).

Step 3 : Start by adding mayo to both the slices of toast. Then, put a slice of lettuce on one of the bread slices.

Step 4 : When your done with that, you can add a slice of cheese and two slices of ham and if you want you can add a slice of tomato on it.

There it is! You made the perfect sandwich. Now you can eat it and enjoy it.

Nice job making the sandwich random person.

Monkey says good job to you for making the sandwich, and he is proud of you.