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Meme origins.

This paragraph is about the origins of famous memes. We'll start with a very famous one called trollface. Trollface was first drawn up in 2008 by Carlos Ramirez. Originally appearing in a comic he posted on 4chan as the face for a troll. Carlos went to sleep that night thinking nothing of it on to be pleasantly surprised when seeing it being constantly re-posted on other threads. He thought it would be just 15 minutes of fame but it became so popular he got constant interviews and it even appeared in a Deadpool comic made by Marvel Comics. His mom was so proud of him when she found out she spray painted it on the side of their house and its still there to this day. This is the face.

this is my source of this info(troLL)
Now it's time to talk about another famous meme the doge. The fluffy dog in the meme is a Shiba inu named Kabosu from Japan. Its popularity spiked when it bombarded 4chan's subreddits accommodated with a brand new language called doge language where every sentence included words like so, such, many, much, and very along with words that don't fit with those words. it even won the meme of the year award in 2013 and eventually made its own currency called dogecoin, They even put it on dictionary.com as a word. Here's a gif of the doge