Welcome to My Space Website

This website will tell you about space so if you aren't a good astronomer read this. Most people are huge astronomers and know every thing about space. A good telescope is s brand called Astronomers with Borders or AWB. A good youtuber that will teach you some about space is BRIGHT SIDE. If you want to know what planet has the most rings it isn't Saturn it is J1407B. Most people call it Lord Of the Rings Planet. Most Exoplanets or Extrasolar planets are outside of our solar system but one exoplanet is in our solar system. It is planet x. The coolest planet in our solar system is Jupiter. Back to the ringed planets, The planets with rings are Jupiter, Saturn, Soon mars, And Uranus. In a few million years Mars' moon Phobos will be ripped apart making a ring system around mars. Saturn's rings will fall into Saturn and this event is called ring fall. In about five thousand years Earth's magnetic field will flip. The magnetic field flip process will take hundreds maybe thousand of years to finish. There will be a lot of changes in the Milky Way over the 4.5 last billion years of the sun. The 2 next supernova's maybe kilonova's or hypernova's are from stars called Antares and BetelGeuse. When a star supernova's it makes a nebula. Stars last up to about 1,000 to 1,000,000 years.